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        Kitwell follows on from Woodgate and thence on to Frankley. It is on the boundary of our areas of research and was brought into the City of Birmingham in the 1990s although originally formed part of the old Parish of Northfield.

       Early rate books, including the Tithe Apportionments of 1838, make reference to habitation in the area.

       Jane Loudon, nee Webb, lived at Kitwell House with her father until her marriage in 1830.  She is renowned for her Horticultural Books for Ladies.  In the vicinity of Kitwell House was a Chalybeate Well, this is well known for healing properties.  Kitwell Farm may well have formed part of the Kitwell estate in years gone by.


       In June, 2008 a Blue Plaque for Jane Loudon was sited on the nearby Kitwell Primary School.


Kitwell House



Kitwell Cottages

The Mail, July, 2008  
 1). Central Library WK.B6-156  
 2). Sketched by Frank Jones 1981  
    Halesowen News 1984 - Courtesy of R.Hall  
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