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Here are some of the 'memories' that people have supplied the Group with.  More will be added in due course.  If you would like to contribute, please email either Maureen or Lynn (see Contact Page).

A shortened version will be shown here.


Updated:  May 2021

  A lot more memories can be read on our Facebook Page.  

Nannette Cato - 2019

Her parents lived at Kitwell House and she spoke of the two staircases, a grand one ate the front and the back stairs, probably used for servants.  Field Lane was a proper little lane the other side just fields.


Vera Wise - 2019

Vera and her husband moved to Bartley Green in 1942.  They attended the Gospel Hall in Jiggins Lane. She recalled the names of the shops in Curdale Road.  Her daughter attended St. Michaels School in Mr. Topley's class.


Mrs Irwin - 2018

When she was young she lived next door to Andrews the grocer in Jiggins Lane.  Opposite the houses in Field Lane there were allotments.


Adrian Topley - 2016

Adrian's father was Deputy Head at St Michael's School.  He recalls his chldhood growing up in the district. On Sundays you could only purchase milk and bread from the corner shop.  Around the corner was Jones Butchers and Fred Moss in the Post Office. Jiggins Lane was a lane with hedge rows either side.


John Watson - 2016

John's family lived in Stonehouse Grove recalling many of the old neighbours. He mentioned a couple of the teachers at the secondary school including a jolly and rotund Mr. Pierce as head soon replaced by the towering and grumpy Mr. Vincent (aka Mr. Vinegar).


Len, John & Sue Rolinson & John Greenway - 2016

Memories of the earlier inhabitants were recalled including Jo Moore's shop on the corner of Woodgate Lane.  The Rollinson's lived at 5 Adams Hill, the number changing later to 363.  A brother-in-law used to guard the viaduct with a broom stick during the war.


John Jenkinson - 2016

John recalled the names of all the Vicars of St. Michael & All Angels Church from when he first became a member in 1968.



Rita nee Weaver - 2015

Rita recalled many of those that lived in the area including her uncle George Perry of Jiggins Lane who was an international runner.  People had to walk up to Clapgate Lane to catch the bus and you needed a pass to go through Clapgate Lane.  During the war the family went to Halesowen and Hasbury for their rations.  For some reason Stonehouse Lane was called 'convalescent' houses.


Stella nee Hadley - 2015

Her family had lived in the area for many years, her father worked at the brick works.  You could see the conveyor going into the water-filled clay pit.  Her mum paid the rent at Smart's office on the corner. She also recalled watching the 'stack' come down in the disused brickworks


Ethel & Marjorie nee Statham - 2015

They recalled their grandparents living on the canal side, Brighton Cottages, described the area around Barnes Hill and recalled names of those who lived in Stonehouse Lane.  Wheelers ran the sweet shop that was in the middle of the row. They had memories of Weoley Castle being built and the prefabs on the island.  There wasn't a post box in California but could post letters on the 9 o'clock no. 12 bus.


Chris Facer - 2013

Chris was born in Stonehouse Grove and attended St. Michael's School.  He recalls a lot of Bartley Green families, especially those who were connected to the football team including Cutlers, Harris's, Postons, etc.  His elder brother has moved back to Bartley Green and is keen to have contact with Brian Hudson or Mick Townsend.  If anyone can assist please get in touch.


Stephen Harpur - 2013

Lived next door to the 'Cock Inn', in Jiggins Lane, from the late 40's to late 60's. He recalled his childhood playmates as the Whitehouse's, the Watson's, the Whitaker's and Colin Smith. There were open fields in those days and cricket and football was played on the green opposite the 'Cock' and the Police houses.


Phil Redfern - 2013

Phil's family moved to Bartley Green when the Curdale Road shopping centre was still under construction.  He recalls Miss Harker, Miss Treadwell, Mr. Topley and Mrs. Chamberlain at St. Michaels Junior School.  The latter got the class involved in a production entitled 'French Without Tears'.  He has many happy memories of Bartley Green and his school days.


Margaret Whatcott (nee Bayliss) - 2013

Margaret's grandmother was a member of the Bayliss farming family. She moved to Bartley Green c.1951 and recalls walking across to the farm in Genners Lane, the school next to the cafe and bus terminus. The headmistress was Miss Treadwell. Margaret wonders if anyone remembers clutching a small brown box with pencils, etc. going to the new school in Nantmel Grove.


John Biggs - 2013

Formerly of Cromwell Lane - recalled being able to walk across the fields.  He named some of the farms in the district, i.e. Woodvine, Mills, Scotland Lane and Clapgate Lane and also when at school helping with potato picking at the farm [Heathy] in Adams Hill.  Houses in Cromwell Lane were compulsory purchased in the early 50s.


Lindsay McLean - 2012

Her parents ran the newsagents in Wood Lane up until 1963.  She was able to play quite safely in the fields opposite the shop.


Janet Findlay - 2012

Recalls the V.E. Street party in Jiggins Lane and having her first bottle of pop after WW2.  She mentions the Blacksmith who used to pretend to be scary and chase the children up the road after school.

  Alison Richards - 2012

Her grandparents lived on the corner of Kitwell Lane and Bucknell Crescent in the late 50s.  She has fond memories of Bayliss's Farm (Kitwell) and the open countryside before the Pinewood estate was built.


James Marks - 2012

Attended St Michaels school next to the no 12 bus terminus and cafe.  Recalls the police houses, Cock Inn, coal yard and the shops in Jiggins Lane and Genners Lane and the Tower Stores in Field Lane.  Summers - fairground and circus visiting Senneleys Park and the village fete in Kirk's field (Athol Farm).  His in-laws bought Paget's 3-wheeled ice cream van and converted it for family transport.


Gwenn Rogers - 2012

When Gwenn first got her keys to live here in 1949, the key ring had Heathy Farm estate on but it was never used again.  She remembers the little cottages on the way to Illy (Kitwell) that sold lemonade and cakes.


Millie Moran - 2012

Millie moved to Weoley Castle in 1936.  They would walk up to Harry Strawbridge's farm in Cromwell Lane.  She recalls the cottages at Blakemore Corner, the Weoley Castle cinema and the brickworks that later became Cope's - the motorbike track.


June Price - 2012

Recalled Nonsuch Farm and the library in Bartley Green which had a blazing fire for you to sit around.  The old St. Michaels school - it was a hall, dining room and gym.


Doreen Farrell - 2012

Her early years were spent in a house adjacent to the Wheelwrights, her father and grandfather used to do occasional work for them.  She would walk up and watch the horses being shod at the forge.


Dot Sidaway - 2012

Recalled the early days of moving on to Woodgate Valley, all the mud whilst the builders were working.  The blacksmith in Jiggins Lane where bikes could be mended.


Janet West - 2012

Recalled her days as receptionist at the surgery in Gravel Bank and then Stevens Avenue.  She recalled the early shops on the Woodgate Valley estate and how it was a very close knit community.

  David Handford - 2012

Spoke of his life when living at Kitwell cottages until the 1940s.

  Pat Edwards  - 2012

Pat spoke of her memories of Kitwell Farm and the Hunnington railway.  She was able to name the various shops in Curdale Road and spoke of the Woolworth's store placing orders for Christmas in the stockroom until they were paid for.

  Vernon & Audrey Witherford  2012

Vernon recalled his mother's memory of living in the old nailers cottages facing the library and of sitting in the gutter with Ginny Bunford.  He was able to recall his school days and being in the choir at St. Michael  All Angels.  They would often walk to Woodgate and down through the fields to Illey.


Barbara Gleed - 2011

Described her school days, various houses and life in the district.


Vera Bayliss - 2011

Vera moved to Bartley Green some 60 years ago.  She recalled the shops they used and the local schools and the bad winters.


Mavis Pierce & Sidney Price-Hunt - 2011

Their family had lived in Woodgate for generations.  They recalled that all the 'hamlets' were individual communities.


June & Alfred Walton - 2011

Told of Big Bertha (WW2) close to Stonehouse Farm and of the brickworks on Barnes Hill.


Sheila Allen - 2011

Her parents ran Jiggins Lane Farm.  She recalled names of old neighbours and described various places.


Ken Bramwell - 2011

Ken was a founder committee man of the Bartley Green Social Club.  He gave an insight into life in the area.


Joyce Edwards - 2011

Moved in to the district in 1965.  Recalled how nice the area was when she moved in.



Barbara Martin - 2011

Her father was the first headmaster of Jervoise School, Weoley Castle.  She was a good friend of Edie Brown who helped the late F.A.Jones with his research in the 1980s.


Bob Deykin - 2010

Recalled his memories of the war years and gave a detailed description of the houses and residents in the locality.



Charlie Dobbs - 2010

Charlie's family are of the earlier Woodgate residents.  He recalled his school days at the old St. Michael's school.



Betty & Edie Roberts - 2010

Mentioned that before the reservoir was built, it was a valley with a farm nearby.  The Cock Inn sold 1/2d ice-creams.


Derek Neale - 2008 & 2009

As an evacuee during the war, Derek was able to describe the interior of Kitwell House.  He described life in and around Bartley Green, including Cromwell Lane, Jiggins Lane and Sennelleys Park.


Glenda West - 2008

Glenda's family lived for many years in the 'hamlet of Woodgate'.  She recalled her childhood, life during the war years and her brothers working on the local farms.


Irene Haycox - 2008

Born in 'Cali' Irene moved into Bartley Green in 1950.  She recalls the many kind hearted people that surrounded the community, some of which she had known from her school days.


Mrs. Blades - 2008

Moved into the district in the 1950s.  You could walk through the fields to gain entrance into Jiggins Lane.  Mentions the Cock Inn, The Athol, Blacksmiths and the front room of the house next to it used as a shop by Mrs. Green.  Her son was employed by local farmer Stewart on the corner of Modbury Avenue.




Steve Farr - 2008

Has worked in Bartley Green for 2 years and found the people to be incredibly friendly and has enjoyed making links with the local community.


Roy Carr - 2008

During the 1960s he recalls looking out of window and watching the cows walking across the fields to be milked at Nonsuch Farm.  Also remembers the Blacksmiths on Jiggins Lane who made shoes for the horses.


Martin Cutler - 2008

Earliest recollection was in the 1960s.  Mentions the various shops.  His father grew vegetables on the land to the rear of the library.  Birmetals sounded the air raid siren at lunch time to stop work.


Chris Warren - 2008

Moved into the district in the 1940s.  He recalls it was like living in the countryside.  Ice cream could be fetched in a basin from Pagetts at the bottom of Jiggins Lane.


Christine Townsend - 2008

Christine moved into the district in 1932.  She can recall the many happy years looking on the open green fields and spending time in an air raid shelter that was situated in front of the school.


Joan Posten - 2008

Joan was born in Bartley Green and remembers the walks the family would take around the district.  You could buy slices of cake at the local shop and further on was 'Homers' where people used to use their Ration Books.


Trevor Cobden September, 2008

Wrote of his memories on moving into Bridgeburn Road aged 6 compared to his previous home in Aston.


Brian Hudson, 2009

His early memories are as a teenager when moving into Bartley Green village from Hockley.  He talked of the area and its inhabitants and of the local football team.


Dora Smith (nee Henshaw born at 174 Stonehouse Lane). 

Despite fading memories, Dora recalls some of the local people in and around California, Bartley Green and Woodgate.  She makes mention of the shops and the buses.

  Cyril Scandrett, courtesy of M. Arnold - September, 2009  
  A letter written to Mr. Taylor (who we presume was responsible for a lot of articles and photos in St. Michael's Church Magazine) has come into our possession.  Mr. Scandrett recalls Jane Bunford, taking part in the Birmingham Centenary Pageant, and village life before the war.  
  Debbie Clinton - November, 2009  
  Debbie's father remembers the reservoir being built.  Debbie recalls her memories of the Jiggins Lane area, Modbury Avenue shops, The Gospel Hall, Clapgate Lane and Bartley Green.  Her treasured memories are of the open fields and friendly community.  
  Hazel & Vernon Fisher - November, 2008  
  Their memories of the district are from the early to mid 1950s, their children learnt to swim at King Edward Vi Five Ways swimming baths which played a huge part in the Bartley Green community.  

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