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Woodgate Valley  This district is relatively new, however there were two farms situated on what is now a housing estate that didn't fall into any of the designated Hamlets.  Similarly there are other sites of historical interest in the vicinity of Woodgate Valley that we will make mention of on this particular page.



The oldest farm here was Nonsuch Farm.  We do not know when it came in to existence although folklore has it that King Charles hid in the barn when being chased by the Royalists.  A newspaper report of the 1950s classified a barn as 'ancient'.  At one time the land was used by the RSPCA for sick and retired horses.  The site of the farmhouse was in Gravel Bank.


Moors Farm, sometimes known as Wilderness Farm, was situated at the bottom of Sommerfield Road where the road bears right up the hill.  In a document of 1795 it states that the Broadhidley estate was 'sometime now divided into three parts'.  (Broadhidley, Hole Farm and Moor Farm).  In existence today is the fordrough that led down to the farmhouse, this can be seen to the right of Sommerfield Road before the maisonette block.


Nonsuch Farm c.1940s



Banners Farm was located on the patch of green by the telephone box alongside Clapgate Lane/Mill Lane.  It later became the Royal Oak public house before again becoming a smallholding.


Royal Oak c.1907-10


Bartley Green Mill was in Mill Lane.  In earlier times it was known as Connops Mill.  The house still exists today.




Clapgate Lane commenced at a point close to the fordrough leading to Moors Farm and ran behind the Business Park emerging at the top of Woodgate Lane.  This was a 'fordrough' for Broadhidley Farm.  A 'new' road was cut through when Birmetals built a factory on land in 1938.  The only part remaining is the service road in front of Forward Glass Company.


Mill Pond 1932


Stonehouse Lane was previously known as Peascroft Lane, possibly because it ran alongside Peacroft Piece.

1). J. Thatcher  

Where the Hobson's Choice Public House stands was a house known locally as the Jockies.

2 & 3).  H. Hall    
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