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California.  This is the only Hamlet that didn't have a cross road.  It wasn't until the mid to late 1840s that the district was named as such. It was here that the Dudley Canal No. 2 was constructed in 1795 and also contains the eastern portal of the Lapal Tunnel. 


Three brick works were started in this district, Top Yard where Hillcrest School now stands, Middle Yard behind the long row of houses and California Chapel and the Bottom Yard which is now a grassed over area running alongside Barnes Hill.


c.1907 Claypit workers


Although slightly out of our area of research, the owners of Stonehouse Farm in the 19th century have some bearing on the brickworks and adjoining lands.


The California Chapel was built in 1880 and the long row of houses in 1900.


Opposite, one block of cottages still stand, but there were others either side. Nearest the school were back-to-back houses and on the other side two shops.  To the rear the Parson family ran a riding stables.


1977 California Chapel


Behind Hillcrest School was a smallholding known as Coalpit Farm.


Stonehouse Farm

  Towpath Dudley Canal  

1).  Harold Hall     2).  PJ Hope      3). Unknown    4). Mrs. E. Heathcote


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