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Bartley Green is mentioned in the Doomsday Book as Berchalie.  Again four roads here although not in direct alignment.  Genners Lane was mentioned in a 15th century document.  Sometimes it was known as Gin House Lane.  This formed part of the turnpike road that led to Northfield.  Field Lane probably was so named as it was a lane that led to the fields but it also passed the road now known as Scotland Lane.  Jiggins Lane is another old road that again eventually led to California and on to Harborne.  Adams Hill was the continuation of the turnpike road and led towards Woodgate and beyond.



1931 Corner of Field Lane/Genners Lane towards Adams Hill.

There were several farms in this locality.



In Jiggins Lane could be found Jiggins Farm in the vicinity of Modbury Avenue and another farm behind the Cock Inn known as Bartley Green Farm.  In this road was also the Wheelwright and the Blacksmith.  Towards the top of the lane (towards Bartley Green) were 2 shops on one side of the road and another selling mostly tinned food opposite.




Adams Hill had a farm known as Heathy Farm and towards the bottom, before the brook, there was a dairy.  In 1914 a new Senior School was built and can still be seen today in the grounds of Bartley Green Technical College.  The land given to build the library formed part of another farm on this corner known as Bartley Green Farm.



The next stretch of road was known at one time as Bartley Lane and along here was to be found the No. 12 bus terminus and the Cafe.  Next door was the Infant School, it's playground and then St. Michael & All Angels Church.  Opposite was the Plough & Harrow pub and the Post Office.


1933 Athol House




On the corner of Field Lane is the Churchyard and opposite  where the block of flats now stands was the Junior School.  Next to this was where the schoolmaster/mistress lived and then came the Fire Station.  The house later became known as the Tower Stores.



At one time the Parsonage was where houses next to Newman College is situated in Genners Lane.  A little further on was Athol House Farm and on the opposite side of the road could be found firstly Yewcock Farm and then Genners Farm.  Along this stretch of road in the 1890s lived the local Police Constable.


Field Lane


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